Marketing by Design empowers change through the products they produce, and this is a goal we share. Over the course of many years and projects, Della and her team have inspired us to think beyond the boundaries of our organization, leading time and again to five-star feedback from our partners, clients, and audiences.

There is consistent, positive energy infused into our projects; the process is always enjoyable, even fun! Communication channels remain open throughout the process—from research and development to delivery of the final project, there has never been a drop-off point. We value that the MbD team helps us to identify the blind-spots, opening up opportunities for creative expression of what is important and our core values.

Della’s team has a deep understanding of branding, values a client’s target audience, and intersects art and practicality… allowing our products to be both functional and beautiful. The team has an amazing creative and customer-oriented skillset, and of those skills the most important is active listening. They drink in what we are talking about, and we feel heard and looked after.

The MbD team brings a spark to every project, a light that permeates the process and the products. A visual expression of our message is nothing without the “heart–pull”, and this passionate group of people communicates the right emotion cleanly and effectively, every single time.

Desiree Backman, DrPH, MS, RD  |   Chief Prevention Officer   |   California Department of Health Care Services

“I have come to know Della and Marketing by Design very well over our 25 year working relationship. MbD views every project as a way to bring out and highlight our personality and attributes. We trust and value their opinions because they are able to objectify, to explore different avenues and consequences with us… getting into every detail. Della’s team is able to spark creativity in myself and my employees, to the extent that working with them on our marketing projects doesn’t ever seem like work, it’s actually fun!

When MbD re-designed our website we wanted something unique, something that no-one else would have, and that’s exactly what we got. As a business owner, I see straight through those canned websites, full of stock images and graphics; those websites send a strong message, that their service is also canned — they won’t take care of the details that matter to me and my business, and they won’t be flexible.

Della and her team take good care, they seek out and look after the details so that my business may continue to thrive. We can’t wait to keep working with them!

Jon Harris  |   Owner   |   TC Printing

In addition to designing a website that is dynamic and inspiring, the fine professionals at Marketing by Design went “above and beyond” by interviewing numerous stakeholders and partners to guide us in telling our story and to ensure our website is meaningful to an array of potential site users. They really took a personal interest in our project!

Annette Liefer  |   Associate Director   |   Central Valley Foundation

Della’s talents and expertise in marketing are built upon her passion for placing people and their values and services at the forefront of every project. I have worked with MBD for over 15 years on a wide range of graphic design, marketing and education products. I have found Della and her staff ready and willing to tackle the most difficult and complex projects. Della’s many talents bring clarity and understanding in the messaging specific to our targeted audiences.

Ray Trethway  |   Executive Director   |   Sacramento Tree Foundation

New ventures are exciting and at the same time daunting when you consider what you need to do to get your company in front of potential clients via social media. I knew I needed to have a strong presence to attract future clients but learned quickly I had no idea how to make it a reality. Marketing by Design was exactly what I needed to make karenzco.com a reality.

Marketing by Design team members worked with me over several months to help me define my company, confirm what I have to offer clients, and construct my story in a way that gives me the chance to rise above others. They listened carefully and conducted independent research interviewing people who have worked with me to identify my unique assets and skills to be highlighted on the site. The final website tells my story and shows visitors what they need to know about the company and our value to them. The visuals help convey confidence and success. And most importantly, the logo they designed is a true statement of who I am and what Karen Zamarripa Consulting is all about. The Marketing by Design team had the expertise, experience and imagination to put me on the map – and the internet.

Karen Zamarripa  |   Owner   |   Karen Zamarripa Consulting