Changes… always for the better.

Changes… always for the better.

I haven’t written a blog post since 2012, when we sent blessings for Phil’s departure after a great many years together. He started with us in 2002, and lots has changed since then:

Websites are developed from a ‘mobile first’ perspective;

Branding is less about what “you” want to project, than it is about knowing what people will come to you for, and then making the website, the digital marketing assets, and all the print collateral sing from the same page;

Print design and execution is more flexible than ever with combinations of offset, digital, large format (and everything between) as resources to deliver, for small projects or for a comprehensive campaign effort.

Within MbD, over the last two and a half years, we’ve seen changes as well. I bought Joel’s shares of the company (though I have the continued privilege of working with him on a contract basis); I got an SBA loan to buy Joel & Linda’s half of the building; Hilary found a job with full time hours to help pay for her son’s college, and Meredith arrived as our part-time bookkeeper to keep the ‘i’s dotted’. Carolyn, who I’ve worked with for a large chunk of the last 25 years, never made it onto the earlier website, even though she re-started with us shortly after it launched. We have other great team members who jump in on projects and provide incredible results toward our final vision.

The most significant change I’ve had in the last two-and-a-half years is seeing MbD’s offerings grow because of Isla’s interest, research, and delivery of branding ideas and web projects that unearth the values important to the client’s programs and messaging. The work requires both intensive and fun time leading workshops with clients, and then isolated ‘caving’ time doing (our term) “thinkery.” It’s what happens when our heads are spinning while we get all the floating balls into the right places.

That shift makes me thrilled to know we continue provide to benefits through the deliverables created, but more importantly through the context and perspective that make those deliverables effective for our clients.

That’s a value I’ve held since 1988, and that hasn’t changed! For our current clients that we love working with, thank you. We’re honored to be a part of your team. For others looking for a new team, we’re always ready to chat!