Close-up of the branches on a tree sculpture, with gold-colored pieces that look like ribbons entwined throughout.

Sacramento Tree Foundation (STF)

STF advocates for the trees/canopy that we value, but have forgotten about. We began helping STF to refine their brand in the mid 2000’s, and Della has been on the Board since 2007. She loves helping them tell about how our region thrives with a healthy tree canopy.

Display Piece


“We want a beautiful ‘display piece’ to recognize donor commitments made at cultivation/development events.”

Sculpture of a tree in a gray and silver color, with gold material sculpted around all the branches like ribbons.

This project began with STF thinking that it would be a metal tree to hang on the wall host’s home, possibly with cutout paper leaves bearing the donor commitment. Since the available wall trees were dorky, and the idea of finding wall space in the home was challenging, we reshaped the idea to become a freestanding sculpture. We found, and worked with a local sculptor, co-conceiving the artistic design, and project specifications— like balance, hanging spots for paper leaves, and portability.

Outreach Materials


“We need to rebrand the Tree Foundation with a focus on people.”

Billboard with the headline, 'lazy days grow here'.
Three different Sacramento Tree Foundation scrolling banners, each featuring kids or adults of various ages with trees in the background.
Collage of three different screen types and how the Sacramento Tree Foundation website appears on each.
Full-color Sacramento Tree Foundation tri-fold brochure in mostly green and brown.

The science behind the importance of trees, particularly in the Sacramento region, has been known for years, and yet, presenting the facts wasn’t doing much to ‘move the needle’ of understanding and action. By rebranding STF’s outreach materials (brochure, scrolling panel displays, web pages) to emphasize people-and-trees, the message breadth increased, and the message focus deepened. The wider mindset has shifted how STF presents itself and its mission, which, not directly related, has helped STF get AB32 ‘cap and trade’ funds to do community development and plant trees in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Folder and Inserts


“We want to engage potential donors in the incredible beauty and benefits of trees as a conversation starter for potential sponsorships.”

Folder with matching brochures that feature trees and leaves in fall colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown.

We created this stunning folder, with the downtown canopy on the front and back cover, and included inserts with benefits-specific information covering energy use, economic and property values, water savings and health.

Folder and Inserts

2005 – on

“We need to increase awareness of the need for tree canopy in the Sacramento region, communicating the benefits for our 22 regional municipalities to participate as a member of the Greenprint program.”

Full-color insert in mostly green and yellow with a visual chart on the inside and an image of a young boy holding a plant on the outside. The words on the front read, 'The Shady Eighty: Trees for a Cooler Sacramento Region'.

The scientific importance of increasing the tree canopy in the Sacramento region was articulated starting in the early 2000s, and STF embarked on a plan to echo the SACOG ‘Blueprint’ process — by naming this the ‘Greenprint Campaign’. We designed materials (folder, inserts) that educate and advocate for trees. As STF’s capabilities have evolved to provide a semi-annual regional conference, consulting and funding guidance, so too have the message and materials, customized for each jurisdiction offering.