An older woman with short gray hair stands and addresses a mixed group of adults sitting at tables.

Jane Lorand – Entreprenuer, Social Architect

Since 1993, we’ve helped this dynamic social architect’s visions go from idea to reality, by listening, sketching, and creating from her ideas into materials that help others understand. Always the vision addresses large, complex topics, from restructuring the electric utility industry, to creating the website interface for a new social.



“We need tools to explain Complex concepts. We need a website for one of our companies, and also to create a user-friendly environment/experience for a mooc. (massive open online course)”

Collage of three different screen types and how the Wind Tunneling website appears on each.
The Wind Tunneling logo
The Fulcrum logo
Collage of three different screen types and how the Fulcrum website appears on each.

As a founder and professor at Dominican University’s Green MBA program, Jane has moved her ideas into the world for a higher purpose. Along with infographics, we created the look-and-feel for As the company has grown, an international consulting practice developed, and we’ve supported the cause with branding and marketing materials. Even larger though, is the user experience and interface design for the mooc, TheFULCRUM. This involves the entire team of client(s), developer(s), and our staff to make a great learning journey!

Knowledge Map


“We need materials to conduct a workshop for high-level state thought leaders (in business, government, and non-profit organizations) at Fort Baker.”

The green and blue cover for a sixteen-page booklet, and and example of a page spread.

Working with Jane and the WELL Network (the convenor), we created the invitation, day-of workshop materials, and a 16-page post-event Knowledge Map that encapsulated the learnings of the 100-person group. It is is filled with dense ideas, explained through infographics, and context for the readers to help them consider new ways of creating a more intentional, productive and connected future.

Full-color Document


“We need to communicate to California state policymakers how the electric utility industry currently works, and what deregulation will look like.”

Front cover and a page spread of a full-color, multi-page informational resource.

Created with Jane as she was consulting with the CMUA (California Municipal Utility Association), this full-color document became the go-to resource for legislators and staff to understand basic principles, infrastructure, and the new regulatory and business framework that would result from the likely vote to deregulate the industry. (The ENRON scandal occurred several years after.)